Sunday 10 March 2019

Craft Fair Idea #3 Matchbook Notebooks - 2019 Craft Fair Season

Hello friends and welcome back to another instalment of my Craft Fair Series.  This week Little T and I have been making these super cute matchbook notebooks.  They are so much fun to make and feature a really simple design, a great project for getting the kids involved.  I got this idea from Crafty Crafts by Deanna over on Youtube and I will link her video at the end.

Craft Fair Idea #3 Matchbook Notebooks


Mini notebooks (I got mine from Ebay, they were 8 books in a pack for around £2)
Double sided tape
Designer paper 
Clearbags (optional)
Bone folder
Paper trimmer or scissors

First you will need to measure your notebooks to work out what size you need to cut your designer paper to.  I used a paper trimmer to cut the paper to size but you could use scissors.  We got our paper pad from The Works, they have a great selection of crafting materials at really great prices.  We used their Ombre designer pad for this project.

You then need to cover your notebooks with the designer paper using double sided tape (I used a tape runner for this).  Our notebooks were not matchbook style so I removed the front cover leaving just the notepad and card backing.

You need to kind of bend your paper around the notebook starting at the area where the papers are glued together.  Use your bone folder to burnish the edges and make nice neat folds.

Once the paper was securely glued on, I added a staple at the bottom in the centre for extra security.  Now you are ready for the fun part, the decoration.  You can embellish these any way you like.  We used some dimensional stickers we got in Poundland and some washi tape.

Little T really enjoyed decorating these, don't they look cute?

To finish them off and for a more professional look we put each notebook in individual clear bags.  You can buy these from many places, I have bought them from Ebay and The Works in the past.

I hope the children will love these at the craft fair and I will be back next week with more craft fair ideas.


Crafty Crafts by Deanna - Matchbook Notebooks

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Saturday 9 March 2019

Knitted Washcloths, Facecloths, Spa Cloths, Dishcloths - Free Pattern

This pattern was recently featured in an article in Let's Knit magazine.  You can read all about it here...

For those of you that have been waiting for this pattern (I had a number of requests for a knitted version of my Splashtime Washcloths) here it is.  This pattern is aimed at beginner knitters and would make a great first project.  If you need to learn the basic knit stitch I recommend watching some videos on Youtube, there are many to choose from.

Splashtime Knitted Washcloths


2 50g balls Drops Safran or any other cotton 4ply (makes 2 washcloths)
Darning needle


5mm (8) needles


20 x 20 cm (8 x 8 inches)

Abbreviations / Terms

k - knit
st(s) - stitch(s)

Notes: Yarn is held double throughout to create the two-tone marbled effect.  If you would like a single colour you may use 1 strand of Aran (worsted) yarn instead.  Knitted in Garter stitch throughout (knit every row).

With 2 strands and 5mm (8) needles cast on 37 st's.

Row 1 k

Repeat row 1 until piece measures approx. 20 cm (8 inches) long.  Length should measure the same as width, if your tension is slightly different to mine you can just keep knitting until your piece measures the same as your width.

Cast off loosely and weave in ends.

These washcloths make great gifts or a great craft fair item.  You can read about my Craft Fair Idea #1 here...

If you are looking for a crochet version you can find that here...

If you would prefer a PDF printable copy of this pattern, this can be found in my Etsy and Ravelry stores...  The pattern includes a free copy of the belly band labels or these may be purchased separately.



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Saturday 2 March 2019

Craft Fair Idea #2 Pocket Tissues - 2019 Craft Fair Season

Craft Fair Idea #2 Pocket Tissues

So here we are with my second instalment of my craft fair ideas.  These pocket tissue cosy's are super cute and so easy to make.  The pattern for these cosy's is one of the first patterns I ever wrote on my blog and you can find it here...

Pocket Tissue Cosy

For these cosy's I used Drops Paris with a 5mm (H) hook, which is an aran weight yarn and comes in lots of lovely bright colours.  I followed the pattern but left out the edging and button loops.  

I finished them off by adding cute buttons and some labels.  I made the labels in Canva which is a free design software but you can do something similar in Word.  I cut them out and glued them onto  designer paper to make the belly bands.

Hopefully these will be a popular item.  Everyone needs tissues right? and the buttons make them just too cute...

I hope you enjoyed this pattern, please be sure to let me know if you try these.

See you again soon

I now have some printable gift labels that can be used for small crochet project such as these pocket tissues or dishcloths.  You can find these in my Etsy Store...

The labels come with a free PDF copy of the Pocket Tissue Pattern.

Ravelry Pattern Page

A printable version is also available in my Etsy Store...

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2019 Temperature Blanket Free Pattern & Crochet Along - Winter Update

Hello everyone.  How are you all getting on with your temperature blankets?  Mine is coming along nicely and as Winter is now over (hopefully) I thought I would post an update and a few pictures.  If this is your first time to my blog you can find the free pattern linked below and don't think it's too late to join in, you can start a temperature blanket at any time if year.

2019 Temperature Blanket Free Pattern

My temperature blanket started off as just a concept and some yarn pegs to help me choose my pallet...

The beginning of the year was cold but never reached the kind of temperatures we had last year so some of my colours have not been used.

There is nothing better thank a cup of tea and a little crochet in the mornings, I try to do my row each morning when I wake up.

Spring seems to have come early this year as temperatures have been unusually high.  Who would've thought we could have t-shirt weather in February.

Looking forward to seeing what the rest of the year will bring...

Don't forget to post your photos on the Facebook Group page or on Instagram using #lullabylodge.

I will post another update at the end of spring...

Ta ta for now

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Sunday 24 February 2019

Free Pattern - Granny Square Bonnet, Cute Pixie Style Baby Hat

Keep your little ones warm in spring and cool in the summer, with this cute pixie style bonnet crocheted in soft cotton.  King Cole Cottonsoft Crush is an incredibly soft 100% cotton yarn, making if perfect for baby's skin and its self-striping design means no pesky colour changes.  You can of course, use any cotton DK for this project, or use your favourite wool for a winter bonnet.  

The bonnet is made by joining 2 granny squares together and adding a simple edging and ties to the front.  US terminology is used throughout.

Granny Square Bonnet

1 100g ball King Cole Cottonsoft Crush
Darning needle

4mm (G) hook

0-6 [6-12, 12-24, 24+] months, fits up to 40 [44, 48, 52] cm or 15 3/4 [17 1/4, 18 3/4, 20 1/2] inches

Finished square should measure approximately 16 [18, 20, 21] cm or 6 1/4 [7, 7 3/4, 8 1/4] inches

Abbreviations / Terms
US Terms (UK Terms)
sc - single crochet (double crochet)
dc - double crochet (treble crochet)
sc2tog - single crochet 2 together (double crochet 2 together)
sl st - slip stitch
ch - chain
st(s) - stitch(s)
sp(s) - space(s)

Other notes:  As all babies are different is it important to take correct measurements.  Measure the circumference of your baby's head and choose a size that allows for growth.

Granny square (make 2)

Foundation round ch 4 and join with sl st to form ring.

Round 1 (right side) ch3, 2dc into ring, ch2, [3dc into ring, ch2] 3 times, join with sl st to top of ch3.  Turn.

Round 2 (wrong side) ch3, 2dc into same sp, ch2, 3dc into same sp (corner made), [3dc into next sp, ch2, 3dc into same sp] x3, join with sl st to top of ch3.  Turn.

Round 3  ch3, 2dc in same sp, make 3d in each sp and 3dc, ch2, 3dc in each corner sp, join with sl st to top of ch3.  Turn.

Rounds 4-7 [8, 9, 10] repeat round 3.  Fasten off.


With wrong sides together and starting at the top right corner proceed to sc your squares together as follows -

Joining with a sl st in corner sp, ch1, sc in same sp making sure to work through both squares simultaneously, sc in next and every st across top of granny square.  In the corner 3sc, continue along left side of granny square making sc in each st.  Sc in last corner sp, fasten off.

Bobble Edging

Row 1 with right side facing join yarn with a sl st in bottom right corner sp, ch1 sc in same sp.  Sc in each st across front of bonnet until the corner sp.  Next sc in first corner sp, sc2tog across both sp's, sc in second corner sp.  Now continue with sc in each st across ending with sc in last corner sp.  Turn.

Row 2 (wrong side) [dc in next st, sl st in next st] repeat across front of bonnet.  Fasten off.


Ch 40 [45, 50, 55] and with bonnet upside-down join with a sc to side of last stitch of edging, sc in corner sp and sc in every st across until next corner sp.  Sc in first sp, sc2tog across both sp's, sc in next sp.  Sc in next and every st across, sc in last corner sp and in side of last st of edging.  Ch 40 [45, 50, 55] fasten off and weave in ends...

...and there you have a super cute granny square bonnet.

If you would like a larger bonnet you can simply add more rounds to your squares...

A printable version of this pattern is available in both my Ravelry and Etsy stores...


Until next time...

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Saturday 16 February 2019

Craft fair idea #1 Crochet Washcloths - 2019 Craft Fair Season

Hello friends, I have an announcement to make.  This year I will be taking part in a number of craft fairs and little T will be joining me.  He is really showing an interest in making things and loves to help me out whenever he can.  Also it's a great way for him to earn a little pocket money.

I thought that this would be a nice opportunity for a blog series to document all the things we will be making and maybe you might like to try some of them out too.  We will be making a variety of items mostly small inexpensive things suitable for school fairs.  Things that children will love...

Craft Fair Idea #1

Splashtime Washcloths

My first craft fair idea is these cute cotton washcloths.  They are super fast and easy to make and are really colourful.  I think they will brighten up any craft table.  Of course Little T cannot crochet but he can help with the packaging, printing off labels, cutting them out and adding the little belly bands to each cloth.  

These would also make a great Mother's Day gift...

If you would like to make these yourself you can find  the free pattern here...

Make sure to head back next week for more craft fair ideas...

See you soon
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Sunday 3 February 2019

Great Ideas for Mother's Day - Free Crochet Patterns

For those of us in the UK Mother's Day is not far off so I have compiled some of my favorite crochet gift ideas.  Most of them are small projects that will only take an hour or two to make.  Mums always love a handmade gift and really appreciate the time and love that goes into them...

Try these gift ideas for Mother's Day, 7 free patterns...

The first pattern I have selected is for a very cute applique design by The Curio Crafts Room which may be turned into these gorgeous crochet earrings...

Peacock Feather Earrings

What mum wouldn't love to receive this stunning shawl?  Pattern by Mijo Crochet.  A slightly longer project but still plenty of time to make it...

Lost in Time Shawl

Keep your mum cosy with these gorgeously colourful stripy mitts by Sandra Paul, perfect for the chilly weather...

Stripy Mitts

Make these pretty flower coasters in no time at all.  Pattern by Daisy Cottage Designs.

Japanese Flower Coaster

Use this free crochet pattern to make a set of crochet coasters that will look adorable sitting on your coffee table. These also make a wonderful gift.

If you have a gadget savvy mum then this is the perfect gift this Mother's Day.  Gadget Cosy pattern by Sarah Shrimpton.

Gadget Cosy

Gadget cosy

Another super quick project is these pretty washcloths.  Add together with your mums favourite smellies and create a home spa gift, or simply to do the dishes.  Pattern by Erica Dietz.

Crochet Washcloths

How to crochet washcloths tutorial

For my final selection let's help mum out with the shopping and make this delightful market bag.  Bin the plastic and opt for cute, cotton, crochet, loveliness instead.  Pattern by TL Yarn Crafts.

Fresh Market Tote

Make the Fresh Market Tote, a fun and FREE crochet market bag pattern from TL Yarn Crafts. Combine cotton and acrylic yarn for a sturdy and beautiful bag. Includes full FREE pattern and video tutorial. Perfect for Mother's Day, teacher gifts, and housewarming gifts.

I'm sure there is something here that your mum will love.  Happy hooking and see you all again soon...


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