Craft Fair Idea #4 Cute Note Card Packs - 2019 Craft Fair Series

Hello friends and welcome to another addition of my 2019 craft fair series.  This week I have been making these really cute note card sets.  They are so easy to make using Project Life Cards, some designer paper and a few other crafty bits and pieces.  I have chosen to keep my designs super simple so I can mass produce them for the craft fair.  I just wanted something that will be quick and easy to make for a bargain buy.  I got this idea from one of my favourite Youtubers Lyriclover810, she makes some really beautiful things and has a great craft fair series on her channel.  You should really go check her out and I will link her video at the end...

Project Life Note Card Packs


Designer series paper
Paper trimmer or scissors
Project Life Cards (or any journaling cards)
Glue (I prefer to use tape runners)
Envelope punch board
Bone folder (optional)
Scoring board (optional) 
Corner rounder (optional)

Using a paper trimmer or scissors cut your single sided designer paper to 8 ½ inches by 4 ¼.

You now want to score this at 4 ¼ inches (this part is optional but can help to stop your paper cracking) you can go ahead and just fold this in half lengthways if you don't have a scoring board.

Use your bone folder to burnish the edges to make them nice and crisp.

For a more professional look go ahead and round your corners with a corner chomper (this is also optional, you can leave them square if you wish).  You now have a base for your card.

Pick a Project Life Card that compliments your chosen designer paper (you can buy these from Amazon I will link them at the end).

Using your prefered glue attach the Project Life Card to your base like so...

You can leave them just like this for a simple note card, or go to town with embellishments...

I added some washi tape and a cute handmade butterfly sticker to this one...

Now we need to cut either some matching or contrasting designer paper for the envelope (or you could just use printer paper for white ones).  You need to cut a square measuring 6 ¾ by 6 ¾.  Now we are going to make our envelope using the envelope punch board.  If you don't have one of these I really recommend getting one, they are so simple to use and so much fun.  You can make so many things with them not just envelopes.  I will have another tutorial coming up soon, showing you how to make cute little paper bow embellishments with your envelope punch board.  Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss this.

First line your paper up with the 3 inch mark, then punch and score, you then turn your paper anti clockwise and line your previous score line up with the little marker that sticks out.  Then punch and score again.  Simply repeat this until you have your envelope template.  Lyriclover810 shows you how to use the punch board in her video.

This is how it should look...

Now simply fold the sides of your envelope inwards and glue to secure, leaving the top open.  Homemade envelopes just look so adorable.

Now rinse and repeat until you have enough for your craft fair.  They really are addictive you won't be able to stop making them...

I have packaged mine in clear cellophane bags with 2 cards and 2 envelopes in each to make cute little note card packs.

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I will have more crafty things to share with you next week.
Bye for now...

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  1. You are very well equipped with all your tools for crafting! I do love the envelopes in the pretty decorated paper. Have you made them out of card-stock? In the past, I have made envelopes by opening up an envelope and drawing around the shape onto cardboard and then using it to cut out my pretty paper! I agree that the Memory Keepers' equipment makes it look all very easy and precise!
    Your finished products look beautiful!

    1. Thanks Sandra. The designer paper is around 200 gsm so is more like card stock. That's such a good idea to use an old envelope as a template. A great tip for someone who doesn't have a punch board...


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