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Sweet Dreams Baby Blanket - Free Crochet Pattern

My Blanket Stitch tutorial has been very popular and many people have asked for a full pattern for one of the blankets featured in that post.  So by popular demand here is the Sweet Dreams Baby Blanket.  I have designed the blanket in two different sizes and two colourways, you can of course use any colours you like and create a truly individual blanket.

Sweet Dreams Baby Blanket


For the pram [cot] blanket, 2 [4] 100g balls in each colour Stylecraft Special Aran - White, Silver, Baby Pink, (Baby Mint).  You may substitute any Aran or Worsted yarn if you wish.
Darning needle.


5mm (H) hook.


The pram [cot] blanket measures approximately 65 x 85cm (25 x 38 inches), [85 x 110 cm (25 x 43 inches).


Advanced beginner.


Not essential for this project.

Abbreviations / Terms

US terms are used throughout (UK terms)
sc - single crochet (double crochet)
dc - double crochet (treble crochet)
ch - chain
sl st - slip stitch
st(s) - stitch(s)
sp - space
sk - skip

Other notes:  Stripe sequence as follows - 4 rows silver, 4 rows Baby Pink (Baby Mint), 4 rows White.  Work stripe sequence a total of 7 [9] times.  If you need help changing colours, watch this video.

With Silver ch 94 [124].  Commence colour sequence.

Row 1 dc in 4th ch from hook, *sk2, sc in next ch, 2dc in same ch*repeat from *to* until last 3 st's, sk2, sc in last ch.  Turn.

Row 2 ch3, dc in 1st st (same st as ch3), *sk2, sc in next st (sc from previous round), 2dc in same st* repeat from *to* until last 2 st's, sc in sp between ch3 and dc of last round.  Turn/

Repeat row 2 until stripe sequence is complete.

Shell Border

With Baby Pink (Baby Mint) join with sl st to any corner, ch3 (counts as dc).  Using photos as a guide and working into spaces along sides, top and bottom of blanket, commence shell border as follows -

In each corner 7dc, along each side [sc in next sp, 5dc in next sp] repeat across, ending with sc in last sp.  Join with sl st to starting ch3.

You should have a shell in the sp where a new colour starts and a sc in the centre sp of a colour stripe...

Place your st's in the spaces between each group of 3 st's...

Fasten off and weave in ends.

I am currently working on the second colourway, here is a sneak peak.  I will add more photos when it is complete...

I hope you enjoyed this pattern.  A printable PDF version is now available in my Etsy Store.   Don't forget to follow and subscribe so you never miss out on a post (new tutorials each week).

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  1. I like the pretty bobble pattern. Perhaps something to try when my crochet gets more adventurous. Best, Jane :)

    1. It's actually much more simple than it looks and only uses double and single crochet stitches. I'm sure you would do wonderfully...

  2. I love all your patterns and this one is beautifully structured. At the moment, I'm making your spring gareden blanket in a mini size to sit on the different layers of the Ikea trolley I use to keep my current yarns and cottons in!

    1. How lovely Sandra, looking forward to seeing your finished blanket...

  3. Hi, what weight yarn do I use ? Lovely pattern I made a similar one for my grandson.
    thank you

    1. I used Aran weight yarn, which I believe in the US is worstead...

  4. Is the sc and dc all in one ch?

  5. Hi. I'm trying out this pattern but its ending up flat and the bubbles won't form. I cant think of what I'm doing wrong. Do you have any ideas. I'm using whats called funky strips D/K wool( double knitted) and a 5 mm hook and I'm sure that I'm doing exactly what the pattern says. I read that there is supposed to be a video tutorial attached but I cant find that either. Is it on the website?

  6. Hi, sorry you are having problems with the pattern. I don't know where you read there is a video as I don't make videos. I can only assume you found your way here from a spam site, as they are notorious for giving incorrect and misleading information.

    With regards as to where you may be going wrong, the pattern calls for Aran / Worsted weight yarn and using DK is probably the reason you are not getting the right texture. You would either need to use the correct yarn weight or try using a 4mm hook. Using a smaller hook will of course change the finished size of your blanket.

    I hope this helps...

  7. Beautiful!! Where did you find those nice tags??

    1. Thank you for your kind comment Renee, which tags are you referring to?

  8. Thank you for this patten! It’s easy to understand and is coming out beautifully.

    1. I'm so glad you are enjoying the pattern. I would love to see your finished blanket, you can share your photos with the Facebook group or use #lullabylodge on Instagram...

  9. You mentioned you have done this is 2 sizes. Is the second one larger than this? Is it also a baby blanket? If so, what is the size and how many did you chain? This is such a beautiful pattern. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. All the information regarding both sizes is in the pattern. The info for the larger size is in brackets. Enjoy!

  10. Love how cute this blanket is!! If I wanted to make a different width for the blanket, what is the multiple for the base chain? Thanks! :)

    1. Thank you. Just chain a multiple of 3+1 to adjust the width of your blanket...

  11. Hi, I’m trying to figure out where I am going wrong on the row 1, I’ve definitely ch94 (triple checked!) but when I get to the end of the repeat of row 1 I have 4 chains left not 3 - any ideas what I’m doing wrong?!

  12. Hi Mumma Cookie, I'm not exactly sure where you are talking about. You say repeat of row 1, row 1 is not repeated, row 2 is the repeat row. If you have extra chains on row 1 (I'm not sure why you would) but you can ignore this and unpick it later. If when continuing your subsequent rows are good I would not worry. If you problem is with the repeat row 2, without seeing a photo I cannot guess where you might be going wrong. You can always post a photo on the facebook group if you would like me to look at it. Good luck.