Sunday 24 June 2018

Cute Bobble Edging - Crochet Tutorial

If you are looking for an edging that is both perfectly pretty and super simple, then this is the one for you.  It's great for those blankets that you want something a little less girly around the edge.  This is one of my favourite go to borders and is so, so simple, making it perfect for beginners.

US Terms

dc - double crochet
sc - single crochet
sl st - slip stitch

This border requires an even number of stitches around your blanket.  If you have an odd number, simple increase or decrease 1 stitch on the first round.  Or if you are like me just fudge it (it's only 1 stitch).

Attach your yarn anywhere on you blanket with a sc

Work sc's into every stitch along each side and 3 sc into each corner stitch

continue in this way around your blanket and join with a sl st to the first sc

Now turn your blanket over and work from the wrong side, dc in the first stitch and...

sl st in the next stitch

Repeat these 2 stitches around your blanket and join with a sl st to starting stitch.

This is how it looks from the front

The effect reminds me of icing piped around a cake, so cute!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and don't forget to share your photo on the Facebook group page.

Take care

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  1. Amazing! So simple but so beautiful! Lovely colours-scheme you've got for the blanket too!

  2. Thank you for sharing :D this helped me out so much lol I needed a border for a wash cloth :)

  3. LOVE this! I am doing a granny square blanket and was looking for the perfect edging that wouldn't be too much. This is it! Thank you! xo

    1. Thanks Barbara, it's a really quick and easy way to finish off a blanket...

  4. Thanks so much,so simple yet so effective

  5. Found this simple and cute edging for a Granny Square blanket. Thank you, it was perfect!

  6. Love this so much, thank-you! I also love your yarn choice. May I ask the color and brand you used? Reminds me of the 70's:)

    1. Thank you Jenny, I used Stylecraft Special DK. I'm afraid I made it some time ago and don't remember all the colours I used...

  7. So glad I found this border pattern...worked magic with my 14ply polyester yarn! Thank you!

  8. Love this border for my granny square baby blanket for a boy. Could you explain how you do the corners?

    1. There is nothing special for the corners, just pretend they aren't there and continue with the pattern.