Crab Stitch Edging - Learn how to add a finishing touch to your projects with this tutorial by Lullaby Lodge.

One of my favourite things to crochet is blankets.  I just love the whole process from start to finish.  Scouring the internet for ideas of colours, shapes, texture; choosing yarn and making that first long wiggly starting chain, working on the body of the blanket, joining motifs, but my favourite part about blanket making is adding the border.  It's that time when your project is almost finished and you can see exactly how your blanket will look.  I love that feeling of completion you get while adding your final rounds.

The style of your blanket will determine what kind of edging you add.  I have used fancy, lace edgings in the past, bobble edgings, pretty shells and I love them all; but sometimes you just want something simple and nothing could be more simple and effective than a crab stitch border.

Crab Stitch Edging


Darning needle


Use a hook that matches your project and yarn

Abbreviations / Terms

US terms are used through out (UK terms)
sc - single crochet (double crochet)
ch - chain
sl st - slip stitch
st(s) - stitch(s)

I am using a granny square as a sample piece to show you how to work the edging, but you can add your border to any project.  Use the same yarn and hook size that you used for the main body of your project.  First we need to work a round of sc.  

Round 1 join your yarn with a sl st anywhere on your project, ch1 and sc in same st.  Sc in every st.

If your project has corners, 3sc in each corner...

Join with sl st to starting sc.  

We will now work around our project putting a sc in every sc, but this time we will be working from left to right.  This can feel a bit counter intuitive but once you get the hang of it you can get a nice rhythm going.

Round 2 sc in every sc (working from left to right).

Crab stitch will easily go around your corners with no need for extra stitches...

Finish with a sl st to starting sc.

Crab Stitch makes a great edging for ripple blankets as the stitch easily flows along the ridges.

I made this blanket a few years ago and it is still one of our favourites...

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  1. I love crab-stitch edgings. They give the perfect discreet touch to so many things. I use them a lot. Yours is lovely here. I also like your ripple blanket. I love them too! I always look forward to Tuesdays to see what you're going to talk about and show us!

    1. Thanks Sandra. I hope I can continue to come up with more ideas for Tutorial Tuesdays...

    2. It would be great if you could show a few picture tutorials on finishing touches to your lovely works of crochet, like weaving in ends neatly and securely or that famous standing stitch when we don't change the colour of our yarn. Maybe the details of joining squares together, the way you like to do it, etc!

    3. That's a great idea, thanks Sandra.

  2. The crab stitch always comes in handy. Simple but nice and neat.

  3. I've never thought of putting any edging on a ripple blanket, but I really like how the crab stitch looks. I've got to try that next time! Thank you for the suggestion and the great pictures.

    1. I think a ripple is one of those types of blankets that look good without a border. I did contemplate "filling in" the ridges but I think I prefer the ripply edges as they are. The crab stitch keeps it nice and simple. Thanks for stopping by...


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