Herringbone Stitch Scarf, Free Crochet Pattern

Ah, the delightful unpredictability of spring! One moment, you're basking in the warm embrace of nature's renewal, flinging open doors and windows to welcome the invigorating breeze. The next, you find yourself reaching for a cozy jumper, reluctantly rekindling the warmth of your trusty heating system. But worry not, dear friends! When the weather's whims leave you longing for that quintessential spring feeling, my Spring Embrace scarf is here to wrap you in it's comforting embrace...

Spring Embrace is crocheted in aran weight cotton yarn and strikes the perfect balance between cozy comfort and breezy elegance.  Crocheted using the herringbone double crochet stitch, this pattern is remarkably easy to follow, making it an ideal project for adventurous beginners seeking a rewarding challenge.  You could gift this beautiful creation to a loved one, or treat yourself to a touch of handmade luxury.   

And if knitting is your passion, you might find this scarf here equally enchanting.

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Spring Embrace 


2 100g balls Stylecraft Love You, in colourway Embrace

5.5 mm hook

Darning needle

Stitch marker (optional)



Not essential for this project






Adult (easily adjustable)

Abbreviations US Terms (UK conversion)

ch – chain

sp - space

st(s) - stitch(es)

hbdc – herringbone double crochet (herringbone treble crochet)

hbdc2tog – herringbone double crochet 2 together (herringbone treble crochet 2 together)

sk – skip

About the yarn: StylecraftLove You is a 100% cotton aran weight yarn, that creates a beautiful, variegated fabric with good drape.  Each 100g ball is approx. 210m (229 yards).  I used a little over 1 ball for size stated.  A smaller scarf may only require 1 ball.

You can buy the yarn here... (affiliate link).

Special Stitches:

  • Herringbone double crochet – yo, insert hook into stitch and pull up a loop, pull 1st loop through 2nd loop on hook, yo and pull through 1st loop, yo and pull through remaining 2 loops
  • Herringbone double crochet 2 together - yo, insert hook into next st, pull up a loop, pull through 1 loop, yo, pull through 1 loop, yo, insert hook into next st, pull up a loop, pull through 1 loop, yo, pull through 1 loop, yo, pull through remaining loops

Other notes: 

  • The scarf is worked flat in herringbone double crochet throughout and the ch2 at start of row counts as a stitch, don’t forget to work into this at the end of each row
  • Sizing given makes a long scarf to fit an adult.  The pattern may be easily adjusted to any size
  • You can even make this with other weights of yarn, just use a slightly larger hook size than recommended on your yarn ball band (this makes the stitches more lacy looking) and follow measurements instead of stitch and row counts
  • It may behoove you to make tassels first to ensure you have enough yarn
  • A stitch marker may be used to help keep track of increases and decreases

Foundation row

ch3, 2hbdc in 3rd ch from hook, turn.  (3hbdc)



Row 1 ch2, hbdc in each st, turn.  (3hbdc)

Row 2 repeat last row

Row 3 ch2, hbdc in same st, hbdc in each st, 2hbdc in last st, turn.  (5hbdc)


Repeat last 3 rows until you have 17 sts or piece measures approx. 13cm (5 inches) or desired width.


Body of scarf

Ch2, Hbdc into each st, turn.

Repeat this row until piece measures approx. 170cm (67 inches) or desired length.


Row 1 ch1 (does not count as st), sk 1st st, hbdc in each st until last 2 sts, hbdc2tog, turn

Row 2 ch2, hbdc in each st, turn

Row 3 repeat row 2


Repeat these 3 rows until 3 sts remain, turn
Next row ch1, hbdc2tog fasten off.


Make 2 tassels and sew to ends of scarf.  I used an old credit card and wrapped yarn lengthways 25 times, to make mine.

Next week, I'll be back with another captivating creation for you to revel in...


Stay cozy and keep those hooks flying,



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