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Chunky Herringbone Double Crochet Throw Free Crochet Pattern & Video tutorial

Cozy up on the couch with my Stormy Horizon throw, made in super chunky yarn.  Works up really fast and is a great project for beginners.  This gorgeous blanket features the herringbone double crochet stitch, giving it an almost woven effect.  This pattern is so easy and fast to make you could whip this up in just a few days...

Stormy Horizon Throw

Blanket crocheted in chunky yarn with herringbone stitch

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Ten 100g balls King Cole Stormy Super Chunky in colour Horizon

10mm hook

Darning needle


Not essential for this project




Abbreviations US Terms (UK conversion)

ch – chain

st(s) - stitch(es)

yo – yarn over

sl st – slip stitch

sc – single crochet (double crochet)

hbdc – herringbone double crochet (herringbone treble crochet)



Finished size approx. 150x125cm

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Cozy crochet blanket

About the yarn: King Cole Stormy is a 100% acrylic, super chunky yarn.  One 100g ball is approx. 81m (88 yards) and recommends a 10mm hook.  When making substitutions, be sure to choose a yarn of a similar gauge.

Sizing:  May be easily adjusted for any size, yarn quantities must be adjusted accordingly.

Special Stitches: herringbone double crochet – yo, insert hook into stitch and pull up a loop, pull 1st loop through 2nd loop on hook, yo and pull through 1st loop, yo and pull through remaining 2 loops.

Other notes:  Foundation row is worked into back bumps of the starting chain, it is recommended to use a larger hook for the starting chain (or chain very loosely) and then switch to recommended hook size.  Ch2 turning chain counts as hbdc throughout, make sure to work into the top of ch2 at end of each row as this can be easily missed. 

Top Tip:  Make your tassels first to make sure you have enough yarn.

Video Tutorial

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Start Crocheting Here...

Ch 93 or number of chains needed for desired width.

Foundation row hbdc in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch across, turn.  (90 hbdc)

Row 1 ch2, hbdc in next and each st across, turn.

Repeat row 1 until piece measures 125cm or desired length, fasten off.


With right side facing.  Join yarn with sc in top right corner, sc in each st to next corner, 3sc in this and each corner, sc evenly across each side, finishing with 2 sc in first corner, join with sl st to first sc.

When working the border if your edges start to look ruffled use less stitches, if the edge looks tight you need more stitches.  

How many stitches you need will depend on your tension, 3 stitches for every 3 rows (at the sides) worked for me.  Fasten off and weave in ends.

Stylish crocheted sofa throw with tassels


Make 4 tassels and attach to corners.  I used a DVD case to measure my tassels with 50 wraps width wise for each tassel.  Take a darning needle and a length of yarn and take the yarn underneath the wraps at the top of the case and secure with a knot, leaving enough yarn to use the ends to attach to the blanket.  Cut the yarn wraps at the bottom of the case and slide off.  Taking another length of yarn tie around all strands about one inch from the top to form your tassel.  An entire 100g ball of yarn was used to make all 4.  See video for more details.

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  1. How lovely to see you posting on your blog again, Catherine. A lovely new pattern too! I have made many of your lovely patterns and find them very enjoyable to follow. Wishing you a beautiful weekend, despite the rainy weather forecast, but it will be good for crochet!

    1. Hi Sandra it is so lovely to hear from you, it has been a long hiatus. Hopefully it will not be so long next time. I hope you are well. The sun is actually shining this morning, it's looking like a beautiful day...

  2. Hello again, Catherine. I love your new header with the purple and turquoise/teal crochet and also your new photo! My own blog was blocked for almost a year, so I have been away for a long time too, but now I am back again! Happy crocheting!

    1. Oh thank you so much. I thought it was time for a rebranding as I had been away for so long. It's lovely you have started posting again too, I must go check it out.

      Not sure if this is something that would interest you but every Monday at 12 GMT myself and some other streamers get together for a Knit n Natter on our discord channels. Here is a link for tomorrows in case you would like to check it out.