Mandalas for Mum - Pretty Crochet Coaster Pattern.

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It was my mum's birthday this week and I wanted to make her something small to send with her birthday card.  I remembered seeing a lovely coaster pattern in a book that Little T had got me for Christmas.   He had paid for it with his own money, it was a bargain for only £2 from The Works. The book is called "Vintage Style Crochet Projects" and is by Agnieszka Strycharska.

I chose some colours I thought Mum would like.  I used Drops Muskat which is a really pretty 100% cotton DK yarn and a 4mm hook.

The coasters worked up really quickly and I was tempted to make lots more but Sadly I didn't have much DK left.  I guess I will just have to go yarn shopping!  These coasters would make a great last minute gift for someone...

I'm sure lots of you would love to try out this pattern so I will leave a link to the book.  I have also found a free pattern that is almost identical, this one has a pretty round of shells to finish it off.  The pattern is in Dutch but Google can translate it for you and the step by step photos are great, you can see exactly what to do without even reading the pattern.  You can find the free pattern here...

I will be back soon with more crochet loveliness...

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  1. Such a lovely pattern and I really like the soft colours! Your mum will be thrilled!

  2. Thank you Sandra, she loved them...

  3. Exquisite! I bet your mum is thrilled with them! I clicked on the link, and even though the translation is a bit odd I think I get the gist of it. I have also learnt a new shape. I mentioned in my first comment on your last post that I was still on granny stitch. Now I have made my first circle AND turned that circle into a hexagon! I used the 'hexagon how-to' by Lucy of Attic24. I haven't blogged about it yet, but so far I have made 17 hexagons, joining them as I go. I'm loving it! Best, Jane

  4. To bad it's not in English as I would like to have made some.


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