The Gilmore Girls Blanket

Over the summer holidays, The Gilmore Girls came out on Netflix and I spent many an afternoon hanging out with Lorelai and Rory.  It's nice easy viewing, perfect to watch while indulging in some afternoon hooky.  
Having very eclectic tastes myself I love the style of Lorelai's house.  I particularly love the crochet blanket you can see in some of the episodes, draped across her sofa.  It's a beautiful pale duck egg colour (this just happens to be my most favourite colour).

I decided that I wanted to try and create something similar.  First I needed some yarn.  I discovered that Woolcraft New Fashion DK had added some new colours to their range and one of them just happened to be Duck Egg.  So I ordered some right away.  I use Woolcraft yarn a lot and particularly like it for blankets.  It's a bit thicker than some DK yarns and has a really soft almost fluffy texture.  It makes lovely squishy blankets and has a good choice of colours.  

I searched the internet for the right pattern but didn't find anything I really liked.  So I had a look in my trusty 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws and Afghans: Crochet Squares to Mix-and-Match book by Jan Eaton.  

There was one square that was almost identical.  The Circle in a Square block.  I made up a tester square and although it looked nice I wasn't amazingly thrilled with it.  I tried another test square this time in the Willow pattern (this is probably my favourite pattern from the book...).  I was much happier with how this one looked and even though the blanket will not be exactly the same as  Lorelai's, I am hoping it will have the same overall feel to it.

I added a couple of extra rounds to the block to make the finished blanket a bit more open and lacy.

This is the first time I am making a blanket in just one colour.  I was worried I might get bored making the same square over and over, but the Willow pattern is so pretty I enjoyed making each and every one.  Many squares were made over the holidays, then School started again and it got pushed to the side.

Now that the weather is getting a bit on the chilli side I am newly inspired to finish it.  I only need a few more squares and then I can start joining.  I will probably agonise for hours over which joining method to choose and then even longer deciding on a border.

To be continued...

Have a wonderful week

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  1. I have never watched the Gilmore girls but you now have me intrigued about the set. Love the blanket you are doing, great colour. Thank you for visiting hope you found something of interest and will pop by again.

  2. Lovely Catherine looking forward to seeing the finished article.xx

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments...

  4. This is awesome! Very talented! Love it <3

    -an old ffxi friend

  5. I LOVE this! I frustrate myself by not being able to work in the same colour for very long without getting bored - but look how worth it it can be! What a great result, and a lovely choice of square. xx

  6. Oh, those squares! Gorgeous! Must spend some time getting better at crochet...

  7. Dear Catherine,
    thank you for participating at the Granny-Spiration Link-Up Party! I must admit, I haven't heard of Woolcraft yarns before. If I need some new acrylic yarns I might try them, as you seem very happy with them. I hope you've enjoyed joining in and I hope to see you again next time!
    Have a lovely Sunday,

  8. Your Blanket is beautiful. I love this color.
    I'm also a Gilmore Girls Fan :o)

    1. Thanks Ester. I have actually finally gotten around to joining these squares and hope to post some finished pictures once the border is complete. Sadly my own project always take forever to get finished as I am always busy with custom orders...

  9. Hello there! I too enjoyed watching Gilmore Girls and saw this blanket which is how I found your post! Have you finished yet? I was wondering how many skeins you used? I picked Yarn Bees Oriental teal, Hint of Silk yarn to use. Its 130 yards per skein so I'll have to buy 3 skeins to your one woolcraft skein. The Hint of silk is amazing in softness and drape though, like a soft hug!

    1. Unfortunately this blanket has been packed away in a crate for some time. It is almost finished, all squares joined and border started. I just had so many other things to do, projects for myself often get left behind. I'm sure I will eventually get it finished...


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