Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Get Cosy With a Crochet Hottie!

Aren't the mornings and evenings getting chilli now?
 I was enjoying a peaceful evening to myself on Sunday.  Relaxing on the sofa and indulging in an episode of Poldark, thinking just that.  
What I need is a cosy blanket and a hot water bottle.  Well there are plenty of blankets in this house.  Blanket making is a bit of an obsession of mine... But you can never have too many blankets right?  I have a hot water bottle too, but it is very much lacking in the cosy department.

See very plain, very boring...
What it needs is a nice crochet cover for ultimate cosiness.  I have plenty of DK yarn in my stash, lot's of Stylecraft Special and lot's of Woolcraft New Fashion DK.  These are my two favourite acrylic yarns to work with and are both very reasonably priced.  Now, which colours to choose.... so many choices...

Then it struck me how pretty the fabric on my pyjamas was and I just so happened to have similar colours in my stash.  I went with silver, mint, coral and cream from the Woolcraft DK range.

Now for a pattern.  I have always loved Sunburst granny squares and thought they would work well with my colours.  I have made this square many times and now know it it by heart. The pattern I originally used is the Sunburst Granny Square by Pricilla Hewitt.  In order for my squares to fit the bottle I only worked the first 4 rounds of the pattern and also changed the last round to half double crochets and double crochets in the corners (otherwise it was going to be way to big).

I joined my squares using a twisted version of the join as you go method and made a plain granny stripe back.

Then I simply crocheted the two pieces together (leaving gaps for the neck and at the bottom), crocheted round the neck, added a couple of pink buttons and Tada!!!

Now my hot water bottle is super cosy and pretty and it matches my pyjamas!  
What more could a girl want?  
Perhaps a cup of tea and another episode of Poldark?

Bye for now and thank you for reading.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your crochet skills are great, that is a lovely cover. Jo x

    1. Thanks Jo, I enjoyed looking at your blog you obviously have many talents.

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  3. It turned out beautifully Catherine.
    Welcome to blog land.
    Jacquie x

    1. Thanks Jacquie your blog is an inspiration to any new bloggers out there...

  4. Lovely to see a new blog, I hope it gives you many happy house. The hot water bottle cover is fantastic. I'm never without my hot water bottle once it gets a bit chilly, might even break it out tonight now you've reminded me about it.

  5. Pj's and a hottie bottle cover that match - perfection!