Sunday, 16 October 2016

Christmas Baubles? Too Early? Never!

Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a lovely weekend.  I have been busy using up the left over sock yarn that I used to make my crochet coin purses.  You can read about them in my blog post here.

So I thought my left over wool would be great to crochet over some Christmas baubles.  
What! Christmas decorations already?  I know some of you may be thinking this, but in our house it's never too early for Christmas.  We love everything about Christmas and this time of year is always spent getting ready making home made decorations, baking, shopping and countless other Christmasy things...

Every year I make some new decorations for the tree and every year little T makes some for his tree too.  Here's what I made.

The yarn is Drops Fabel and has lots of lovely colour combinations to choose from.  Drops yarn is always a pleasure to work with and is extremely reasonable.  To be honest it's the only real wool yarn I can afford to use, being on a tight budget...

It took me a few attempts to get the increases and decreases right to fit the bauble.  I used a 6 cm diameter shatterproof ball for this one.  You can get these pretty much anywhere, I think I got mine at Tesco.  The bauble is worked in single crochet in a simple spiral increasing and decreasing to fit the ball and finished off with an organza ribbon.

Of course I could never stop at just one!

I just had to try out some other colours.

I love the way the colour changes make each bauble unique.

Have a great week...


  1. They're lovely, what a great idea. It will be a pleasure to get them out year after year. CJ xx

  2. Beautiful baubles, I love the different colour combinations of the yarn. I have made a start with some of my gifts too I don't like to feel stressed nearer the time. Thank you for visiting, hope you will pop by again.

  3. Wonderful :-) Lovely colours!