Sunday, 23 October 2016

Glorious Sunshine and Sandy Beaches

I can't get over the weather we have been having lately and it's almost November.  We are spending a well earned weekend away by the seaside...

Just look at those skies!  The beach here at Camber is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.  It stretches for miles.  The sea a distant patch of blue on the horizon while the tide is out.

Meandering streams and pools remind you just how far it's travelled and the glorious sun glistens and sparkles on the water.

Little T is in his element.  Splashing in the water, sailing his Frisbee along the fast current of the streams, chasing after it laughing and giggling.

There was of course digging and castle building...

and collecting pebbles for mummy.

We treated ourselves to a Full English at a beach cafe with steaming mugs of tea.  Then back to our chalet...

for some pebbly hooky!

Bye for now...


  1. Hi Catherine, thank you so much for comments on my blog lately. Your blog is lovely. I'm so excited to have a new bloggy friend and a nice new blog to read. I'm really looking forward to following along with your adventures. :)

  2. I think your drops delight would make a great flower scarf and now you mention it, I think I have some of that too! Might start another one.. Nice blog Catherine. Jo x

  3. Oh I love the pebbles covered in crochet. Surprisingly I have never done this even though the beach we live near to is a pebble beach. Another one to add to my to-do-list :)

  4. And the photos of Camber Sands are also beautiful. So different to our local beach although we're not far along the coast :)

  5. Love the crochet covered pebbles! And it looks like you had a glorious day for wandering on the beach.