Sunday 16 June 2019

Let's take a look at my temperature blanket so far - spring update.

2019 Temperature Blanket & CAL

Hello friends, we have come to the end of spring, so it is time to do a temperature blanket update.  It has been so lovely seeing all your progress over at the Facebook Group.  Your blankets are all looking amazing and all so different too.  If you are only just joining us you can find the free pattern here...

  We have had a pretty cold spring here in Windsor.  My colours have been mostly blues and greens...

...with the addition of a few rows in yellows and peach.  It's so nice to see some warmer colours.  

After a few weeks of warmer temperatures the weather has turned cold again.

Looking forward to seeing some oranges and red, hopefully that summer weather is on its way.

Thanks for checking in and I will see you all again soon.

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  1. It's looking beautiful. I actually prefer the cooler colours! It's really pretty in linen stitch as well!

    1. Thanks Sandra, it's a refreshing change not having to agonise over which colour to use next..