Granny Flower Hexagons - Learn how to crochet them in this easy tutorial by Lullaby Lodge...

Hello friends.  In this week's tutorial, I will be showing you, how to make these super cute granny flower hexagons.  Hexagons make great blankets.  The motifs could be used on their own to make coasters, or you could join a few together to make placemats.  I'm sure you can think of many more ideas for these pretty motifs...

Granny Flower Hexagons


Darning needle


Use a hook recommended on your yarn ball band

Abbreviations / Terms

US terms are used through out (UK terms)
dc - double crochet (treble crochet)
ch - chain
sl st - slip stitch
st(s) - stitch(s)
sp - space

Other notes: Fasten off and change colour after each round.  Join a new colour with a sl st in any  sp.  If you wish to make these in a solid colour simply sl st into the next ch sp to start the new round.

I used Drops Paris and Scheepjes Cahlista cotton yarn with a 5 mm (H) hook to make my hexagons, but you can use any yarn you like, just use the hook size recommended on your yarn ball band.

Ch4 and join with a sl st to form a ring

Round 1 Ch3 (counts as dc), 11dc into ring.  (12dc)

Round 2 Join new colour in sp between sts.  Ch3, dc in same sp, 2dc in each sp around, join with sl st to top ch3.  (24dc)

Round 3 Join new colour in sp between groups of sts.  Ch3, 2dc in same sp, 3dc in each sp around, join with sl st to top ch3.  (36dc)

Round 4 Join new colour in any sp.  Ch3, 2dc in same sp, [3dc, ch2, 3dc in next sp, 3dc in next sp] repeat around ending with 3dc, ch2, 3dc in last sp, join with sl st to top ch3.  (54dc)

I really loved making these granny flower hexagons.  Playing with different colours always gives me that happy feeling...

I think I might turn these into a placemat or some coasters.

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Take care

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  1. It is so easy to follow tutorial - thank you for sharing :) I didn't try this method yet so maybe now it is time to try :)

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the tutorial...

  2. I do love crocheted hexagons. They remind me of lovely quilts when they're all joined together! I think they look great on a bed or even as a couch throw!
    Well explained! We just need to be able to make a half-hexagon to make something with straight edges!

    1. I remember learning at school how to hand sew those traditional English, patchwork quilts. My sewing has never been that great though. Thank goodness for crochet.

    2. I'm rubbish at sewing as well and am so happy and comfortable with a crochet hook!


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