Friday 28 June 2019

Make a blanket for a rescue cat - Free crochet patterns selected by Lullaby Lodge...

My local Cat & Dog shelter is always looking for blankets for their rescue animals, so I thought a great way to use up some stash, that might not otherwise get used, would be to make some blankets for them.  We have a Battersea Cats and Dogs home in Windsor where I live and they generally prefer knitted blankets to crochet ones, especially for kittens as they can easily get their paws stuck in the holes that crochet blankets often have.  So I have hunted down some patterns that I think will be suitable for cats (or dogs).  The patterns I have chosen are not all specifically designed for cats but all have very little or no holes and can all be made with stash yarn (woohoo use up that stash!).

Blankets for Rescue Cats

This first blanket is actually designed as a baby blanket, but as it creates a close knit fabric, would make a great blanket for cats.  The pattern is by Sunset Knots.

Woven Stitch Baby Cat Blanket

This next blanket is made up with loads of lovely textural squares.  A great project for using up all those leftovers.  The pattern is by Heart Hook Home.

Creighton's Blanket

This blanket is specifically designed for shelter cats and the pattern is by Lindsay Allercott.

Animal Shelter Kitty Blanket

Another blanket that is designed for babies, but as it has such a dense fabric this will be a great choice for cats.  The pattern is by Kim Guzman and you can find it on her blog.

Straight to the Heart Baby Cat Blanket

This blanket by Linda Davie has a lovely texture to it and is designed specially to have no holes...

No Holes Baby Cat Blanket

My final selection is a fabulous stash buster project, gorgeously colourful and stripy (let's not think about those ends...).  The pattern is by Crochet Instinct.

Scrap Yarn Stash Buster Blanket

Don't lose it, pin it!

I hope you enjoyed my selections and feel inspired to make a blanket for a rescue cat or dog.  I also have some exciting news, I have a new blanket pattern just released and it has been designed especially for rescue kittens and for using up your stash.

Cat Blanket No.1

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  1. I get very frustrated when I see a pattern that says free when I click on it I eith have to download or pay for I write out all the patterns I like

    1. It's so lucky that all these blanket patterns are free for you to enjoy. Thanks must go out to all the designers for all their hard work.

  2. That 1st pattern by Sunset Knots is no longer available. Bummed out cuz that's the one that I wanted to make 1st.

  3. This is excellent I am just starting some cat blankets for charity as a stash busting attempt too.