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Dishcloth Crochet Roundup - Six Free Patterns to Make + Free Bonus Pattern

Gorgeous Crochet Dishcloths  Now most of us out there do not enjoy doing the washing up, but how can you not have a smile on your face when doing your dishes with one of these beauties?  I never really saw the fascination of making dishcloths until I made my own and now I am hooked.  It really does make house work seem less of a chore.  I have selected six of my favourite patterns for you to make... Put your crochet skills to the test and try out some cabling.  This dishcloth has the most gorgeous texture to it and would look great in a variety of colours.  The free download is available at Knit Pics. Crochet Celtic Weave Dishcloth Add a little bit of summer to your chores with these bright and cheery flower dishcloths designed by Doni Speigle.  The free download is available in her Ravelry store. Flower Power Dishcloth This simple design would be a great project for beginners.  It is designed by Karla Ann and available at Crochet Life. Ad

Craft fair idea #1 Crochet Washcloths - 2019 Craft Fair Season

Hello friends, I have an announcement to make.  This year I will be taking part in a number of craft fairs and little T will be joining me.  He is really showing an interest in making things and loves to help me out whenever he can.  Also it's a great way for him to earn a little pocket money. I thought that this would be a nice opportunity for a blog series to document all the things we will be making and maybe you might like to try some of them out too.  We will be making a variety of items mostly small inexpensive things suitable for school fairs.  Things that children will love... Craft Fair Idea #1 Splashtime Washcloths My first craft fair idea is these cute cotton washcloths.  They are super fast and easy to make and are really colourful.  I think they will brighten up any craft table.  Of course Little T cannot crochet but he can help with the packaging, printing off labels, cutting them out and adding the little belly bands to each cloth.  

Free Pattern - Crochet Washcloths, Spar Cloths, Face Cloths, Dishcloths

You know I never saw why there was so much interest in making dishcloths until I made these.  I must say I am now thoroughly addicted, I just can't stop making them.  I just love the simplicity of such a simple project and they are so fast to make.  Being able to finish something in only 30 mins really feeds my need for instant gratification and these cloths are just so versatile.  You can use them to gently exfoliate your skin, bath time for the kids or simply to do the dishes.   Now who out there doesn't need some gorgeous, colourful, crochet goodness to brighten up their life?  So I thought I must write up the pattern, so you too may share in the scrummy, yummy. squishy, crochet loveliness... Splashtime Crochet Washcloths Materials 2 balls Drops Safran or any other cotton 4ply (makes 3 washcloths) Darning needle Hook 5mm (H) hook Size 20 x 20 cm (8 inches) Abbreviations / Terms US Terms used throughout (UK Terms) hdc - half doub