Monday, 9 October 2017

Will My Courgettes Ever Stop Growing?

Well hello everyone.  It's been a long time again (I know I promised).  This year has just been super busy.  Lot's of blankets selling in my shop and lot's of time spent in our allotment garden.  

It has been amazing having a green space for little T to play outside in and also a great bonus being able to eat what we have been growing...  Which to be completely honest, was mostly courgettes (zucchini to those of you across the pond). 

 Apparently 4 courgette plants is enough to keep a large family going all summer.  We had 11.  Suffice it to say they were coming out of our ears... and they are still growing.  We have had them roasted, stir fried, steamed, we have had courgette soup, courgette pasta, courgette risotto, courgette pizza, courgette fritatta, courgette bread, courgette cake and far too many other things to list.  I even tried making jam with them (it was OK...but not the greatest jam I have ever made).

The potatoes also did really well.  I still have a couple of rows left that need digging up.  We also harvested 1 giant pumpkin, which I cooked and froze into pumpkin pie sized portions (12 bags from just 1 pumpkin).  This was little T's first ever taste of pumpkin pie and he loved it.  We also have a ton of butternut squash still waiting to be harvested.

Autumn is definitely here now though. The mornings are chilly and the leaves on the trees are turning the most beautiful russet and gold.  There are still a few flowers dotted here and there and the odd bee buzzing around.  

Even though the weather is getting colder and the nights are drawing in, there is still time for some more planting.  In the mini green house we have some turnips, swede, kohl rabi, cabbages and kale seedlings growing that we will overwinter... 

...and little T now has his own patch of garden.  I made him a small 4 by 4 square foot garden, that I will talk about more in another post.

I will just leave you with a few of our favourite courgette recipes, so that if you too have a glut next year, you will know what to make with them...

By for now

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  1. HI Catherine, it's nice to see you again! You sound like you're going courgette crazy over there. Ours didn't grow at all this year, for some reason. It was very disappointing. I could have taken some of yours off your hands if you'd wanted. :) Thanks for the recipes, they all sound good!

    1. I think my son would be happy for you to take them all off our hands, he is a little bored of them... It is now a running joke in our house to see if I can get away with hiding them in each meal with out him noticing, but he usually does no matter how small I chop them. At some point during the meal I get "Mummy.... there's courgettes in this!"
      Sorry to hear yours didn't do so well, what else have you been growing this year? I must pop on over to your blog and see what you've been up to...

  2. Sounds like you have had wonderful things to eat from your garden. That is so awesome. I bet your little one feels like a grownup with his own little piece of land ;) Can't wait to hear about it.

    1. Yes he really loves it. Half the time the food doesn't even make it home he always has to have a little taste...