How to crochet flat circles, three different ways...

This week for Tutorial Tuesday, we will be learning how to crochet circles.  I will be showing you how to work the right amount of increases to keep your circle nice and flat and how to make them with three different stitches.  Next week we will look at how to turn your crochet circles into granny squares, so be sure to follow and subscribe (in the sidebar) to make sure you don't miss it.

Crochet Circles Three Different Ways


Darning needle
Stitch marker (optional)


Use the hook size recommended on your yarn ball band

Abbreviations / Terms

US terms (UK terms)
sc - single crochet (double crochet)
hdc - half double crochet (half treble crochet)
dc - double crochet (treble crochet)
sl st - slip stitch
ch - chain
st('s) - stitch(es)

Double Crochet Circles

Ch 4 and join with sl st to form ring.

Round 1 ch3 (counts as dc, in this and every round), 11dc into ring, join with sl st to top ch3.  (12dc).  If you find it easier you can add a stitch marker to your first stitch; move this up each round.

Round 2 ch3, dc in same st, 2dc in each st around, join with sl st to top ch3. (24dc).

Round 3 ch3, dc in same st, [dc in next st, 2dc in next st] repeat around to last st, dc in last st, join with sl st to top ch3.  (36dc).

Round 4 ch3, dc in same st, [dc in next 2 st's, 2dc in next st] repeat around to last 2 st's, dc in last 2 st's, join with sl st to top ch3.  (48dc).

You can continue in the same way by increasing 12 stitches each round.  An easy way to remember how to work your increases, is by knowing that the number of stitches between increases will go up by 1 each round; for example round 3 has 1 stitch between each set of increases and round 4 has 2 stitches between each set.  Round 5 would have 3 stitches and so on...

Single Crochet Circles

Ch 3 and join with sl st to form ring.

Round 1 ch1 (does not count as st), 6sc into ring, join with sl st to 1st sc.  (6sc).

Round 2 ch1, 2sc in 1st st, 2sc in each st around, join with sl st to first sc.  (12sc).

Round 3 ch1, 2sc in 1st st, [sc in next st, 2sc in next st] repeat to last st, sc in last st, join with sl st to 1st sc.  (18sc).

You can continue to increase in the same way as for the double crochet circle, this time increasing 6 stitches each round.

Half Double Crochet Circles

Half double crochet circles can be made in the same way.  Just start with 8 hdc into your ring and increase by 8 stitches each round.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and make sure you don't miss next week's, where we will be learning how to turn those circles into squares.  Be sure to follow (in the sidebar) and subscribe...

See you soon

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  1. Lovely circles in pretty colours. The only thing that bothers me about circles is that I can see where I start the new round because of a telltale line. Doing an invisible join with a darning needle always makes the joining stitch a bit skinnier too! Not an easy solution!
    I'm still making my daisy squares and other things and having lots of creative fun!

    1. Thanks Sandra. Yes unfortunately it's very prominent in sc circles, using chainless stitches to start rounds with the dc circles makes a difference though.

  2. Your work is always so beautiful.

    1. Thanks Ginny, I'm always looking for new ways to improve my crochet...

  3. What kind of yarn did you use for these - colours are so vibrant & beautiful. Many tks for this & your teaching us how to do stitches & tips. Love your work!

    1. Hi Gogran97, I used Stylecraft Special Aran for these and thank you so much for taking the time to comment.

  4. Help! I am making a dc circle for a rather large project. I am counting my sts and still now at row 9 have a rippling effect like too many sts. What’s wrong?

    1. Without seeing a photo it is dificult for me to tell. As long as you are only increasing by 12 stitches each round, the circle should stay flat. A little bit of "wobbliness" can be corrected by blocking. You also need to make sure you are using the correct hook for your yarn weight. After round 9 there should be 108 stitches.


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