Magazine Feature! My Splashtime Knitted Washcloths have been featured in Let's Knit Magazine. How Exciting!!!

This morning whilst drinking my morning tea, I heard a big plop as the postman pushed something through my letterbox.  Little T rushed to fetch it for me, it was this month's copy of Let's Knit Magazine.  I excitedly leafed through the pages to find the one I was looking for.  One of my patterns has been featured in a quick knits for Christmas article.  This is the first time any of my patterns or work has been mentioned in a magazine and as I'm sure you will understand this was super exciting for me.

The article is called "Keep Calm This Christmas" and is full of quick knits and ideas for the festive season.  One section of the article includes some eco friendly gift ideas, and my Splashtime Knitted Washcloth pattern was featured.

The magazine is also jam packed with lots of wonderful knitting patterns and also comes with a free knit kit and bonus magazine with quick and easy Christmas Mini Knits.

Now which one shall I make first?

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Have a great day!

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  1. Well done for getting into the knitting magazine with your pretty washcloths in their lovely labels!

  2. Congrats for being featured in a magazine, Catherine! What pretty cloths those are. And those labels are adorable.

    1. Thanks Becki. I was so chuffed, had a smile on my face all day.

  3. Congratulations!! That is so awesome :)

    1. Thanks so much Ginny, I hope you are keeping well.


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