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Iris Stitch Edging - Add this pretty Iris Stitch border to your blankets...

For those of you who know me well, you will know that making blankets is my most favourite thing and adding the border to a finished blanket is the best part of blanket making.  Don't get me wrong I love the whole process.  Choosing the design, colours, type of yarn, spending time all snuggly and warm with a growing blanket on your lap is pure bliss to me, but those final few rounds that add the finishing touch to your masterpiece, is just the cherry on the cake.  I love that feeling of completion  and achievement you get when you finish a blanket.

As you know all through January we have been on a stash busting marathon, making a new granny square each day.  Well, all the squares are finished and joined and it's now time for the border.  I wanted something pretty but simple to go with all the floral themed squares.  So I thought the Iris Stitch would make a wonderful edging to my finished blanket and of course I must also share this with you all...

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If you missed our crochet along, don't worry you can still make this beauty for yourself.  Just check out the link above for all the instructions and pattern links to make this pretty, stash busting blanket.

Iris Stitch Edging


I used a little over 100g of DK for this border, but you will need to use the same gauge yarn that you used for your blanket.  Amounts will vary depending on your blanket size.
Hook, I used a 4mm hook, but you will need to use the hook size you used for the rest of your blanket.
Darning needle


US terms (UK conversion)
dc - double crochet (treble crochet)
v st - v stitch
dv - double v stitch
sl st - slip stitch
 ch - chain
sp - space
sk - skip

Special stitches:

V Stitch - [dc, ch1, dc] in same st.

Double V Stitch - [2dc, ch1, 2dc] in same st.

Other notes:  It is my preference to add a round of single crochet to my blankets before I start my border.  This gives me an even base to start from and the opportunity to correct stitch counts if necessary.  The Iris Edging is worked over multiples of 4 stitches +3.  If you wish, you may during the single crochet foundation round, increase or decrease stitches so that each side of your blanket has the correct multiplier (don't count corner stitches).  This involves lots of counting and Maths (eek!).  If like me you cannot be bothered with this, feel free to fudge it.

Round 1 (Foundation round) starting in a corner st, join yarn and ch1, [sc, ch2, sc] in same st, then sc evenly around your blanket with [sc, ch2, sc] in each corner, join with sl st.  

Round 2 Sl st into corner sp, [ch3 (counts as dc), ch1, dc, ch2, v st] in same sp, *[sk next 3sts, dv in next st] repeat across, sk last 3 sts, [v st, ch2, v st] in corner* repeat from *to* 3 times, [sk next 3 sts, dv in next st] repeat across, join with sl st to top ch3.

If fudging, at the end of this round you may need to sk 2 or 4 sts depending on your st count.  As you can see here in the photo, I skipped only 2 sts before the corner and it really isn't noticeable.

Round 3 Sl st into ch1 sp, [ch3, dc, ch1, 2dc] in same sp, in next and every corner sp [dc, ch2, dc], dv in every v st and dv from previous round, join with sl st to top ch3.

Rounds 2 & 3 form pattern and may be repeated until border is desired width.

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  1. A very pretty stitch to edge your lovely squares. It looks rather like double v-stitch which is so beautiful in its simplicity.

    1. Thanks Sandra, I do like to keep things simple.

  2. Is there a way I can save this?

    1. Hi Becky, I'm not exactly sure what you mean by save? Most browsers allow you to bookmark pages, you can add it to your Ravelry favourites too. If you mean you would like to save and print, I do not currently have a pdf for this pattern but it can be added to my online stores as a pdf soon.

  3. I have just used this to border a baby blanket I have made. I have decided my next project will be to make the whole granny square blanket as it is beautiful, I absolutely love the coral colours.

    1. Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed the pattern.