Craft Fair Idea #3 Matchbook Notebooks - 2019 Craft Fair Season

Hello friends and welcome back to another instalment of my Craft Fair Series.  This week Little T and I have been making these super cute matchbook notebooks.  They are so much fun to make and feature a really simple design, a great project for getting the kids involved.  I got this idea from Crafty Crafts by Deanna over on Youtube and I will link her video at the end.

Craft Fair Idea #3 Matchbook Notebooks


Mini notebooks (I got mine from Ebay, they were 8 books in a pack for around £2)
Double sided tape
Designer paper 
Clearbags (optional)
Bone folder
Paper trimmer or scissors

First you will need to measure your notebooks to work out what size you need to cut your designer paper to.  I used a paper trimmer to cut the paper to size but you could use scissors.  We got our paper pad from The Works, they have a great selection of crafting materials at really great prices.  We used their Ombre designer pad for this project.

You then need to cover your notebooks with the designer paper using double sided tape (I used a tape runner for this).  Our notebooks were not matchbook style so I removed the front cover leaving just the notepad and card backing.

You need to kind of bend your paper around the notebook starting at the area where the papers are glued together.  Use your bone folder to burnish the edges and make nice neat folds.

Once the paper was securely glued on, I added a staple at the bottom in the centre for extra security.  Now you are ready for the fun part, the decoration.  You can embellish these any way you like.  We used some dimensional stickers we got in Poundland and some washi tape.

Little T really enjoyed decorating these, don't they look cute?

To finish them off and for a more professional look we put each notebook in individual clear bags.  You can buy these from many places, I have bought them from Ebay and The Works in the past.

I hope the children will love these at the craft fair and I will be back next week with more craft fair ideas.


Crafty Crafts by Deanna - Matchbook Notebooks

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  1. Very cute!! The mermaid one is my favorite ;) You have been busy.


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